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Posted by: Admin | Date: August 9, 2017

So, you have met a lady. You two have short banters & you ask for her phone number. A whole-hearted smile ran across her beautiful face and she is happy to give it to you. Next day you text her asking for a date and she happily oblige.

Now the expectation builds & you are nervous about your 1st date.

Nevertheless, the 1st date is your 1st actual chance to leave an impression on the girl. While I’m not advocating you here to play it safe, but there’re particular things women look for that are certain deal-breakers.

One of our Manchester escorts will break them down for you here.

Do not discuss regarding your ex-girlfriend:

Though most of the rule books will tell you that be open about your ex-affairs, but I’m not a big fan of it.

Your date has absolutely no interest in knowing about your ex-love, so schedule that topic for another time.

At some point of time you guys will have this discussion, but please save it for when she more expressively invested in you.

Don’t get into the interviewing mode:

No doubt, you wish to show you are interested in her, but you don’t wish to thrown on her one question after another.

Please remember that this’s a date, not a job interview.

Thing become worst when you both only discuss what you are supposed talk about & you ask her typical questions such as, “What do you do for a living?; or “How many brothers & sisters do you’ve?”

I am not saying you must ignore questions all together. But what I am saying is no rapid fire of questioning of one after another, or else you will look too mechanical & not sincere.

Don’t be the man who only says what is acceptable. Be the man who possesses his own beliefs, thoughts and values.

The issue a lot of men have is they want to ask questions without even thinking about where a question could lead.

Don’t take here somewhere too costly:

Buying a girl’s attention with an expensive dinner at a luxury restaurant looks desperate & needy, especially on the first date.

The intention of the 1st date is not to impress her. Presuming you two hardly know one another, the attention must be on learning more regarding her as an individual.

Taking her somewhere too expensive may also guide to an uncomfortable situation. She might be concerned about ordering something very costly.

After all, there’re some ladies who feel awful when a mutually agreed date is disbursed totally by the man. They feel even bad when it is somewhere super costly.

As far as 1st dates are concerned, majority of the women favor something low investment with more of a casual feel.

So, guys hope you follow these tips on your first date and able to avoid any embarrassing situation. Cheers!

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